Review 2021 : the complete guide to this web marketing tool  

  • Jamal El Khaiat, M.SC

Tools like Systeme io are essential for creating a profitable online business, managing an ecommerce business, or even optimizing a digital strategy for a physical company.

Created in 2015 by Aurélien Amacker ( author of the books “Financial independence for all”  and How make money with blog ), French-speaking entrepreneur on the Internet since 2010 in digital marketing, the online platform is experiencing exponential growth.

systeme io review

 In this article, you will discover the functions of the software, how to use it, its prices and finally  review of Vincent Hego on Review and Tutorial - The All In One Blogger Solution

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1) What is - this all-in-one marketing tool?
2) How does the tool work?
3) Systeme io Tariff - What are the subscription prices?
4) Systeme io Avis - My personal opinion on the tool
5) io system vs ClickFunnels: which one to choose?
6) The concluding sentence on Systeme io - Should you choose it to launch and develop your online business?

What is - this all-in-one marketing tool?

And so Systeme io, what is it? is a real Swiss Army knife for online marketers. It includes many features to manage the digital marketing of a business. Here they are…

Creation of sales funnels

The primary function of SIO is the creation of conversion funnels, also called “sales funnels”. That is to say, the establishment of a customer journey. With the platform, it is possible to create the first step of a tunnel: collect visitor information through capture pages / landing pages.

Often, the email address and first name are collected. On this page, the goal is to offer a free service (private consultation, free service, etc.) or a digital product (a PDF guide, ebook, video training). The visitor then passed into the prospect phase. Multiple stages can be added to the sales funnels on

The main purpose of this feature is to turn a visitor into a customer.

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Implementation of campaigns and newsletters via e-mailing marketing

The tool created by Aurélien Amacker also allows you to create emails. It is possible to do so instantaneously or programmed using the “newsletter” function. Also, it is possible to create an emailing campaign in order to send a predefined email sequence. For this, uses the American SendGrid platform.

Recently, SIO has just integrated a process for classifying e-mail transmitters with green, yellow and red tags. Indeed, the notoriety of an issuer can deteriorate with the abusive sending of mails classified as spam (unwanted) or bounced (bounced). The platform has created a help page to improve this score and deliverability.

Contact and customer management

The distinctive advantage is certainly the implementation of a segmentation of contacts thanks to tags (in French "labels"). Conversely, some players in the email marketing market favor the notion of a list. That is to say a simple file which contains the information of prospects and customers.

Here on Systeme io, contacts are assigned with tags to each event in the sales funnel. A prospect can have been classified at the same time in several categories, for example in the prospects of an offer (tag: "prospects-offer1" and another "prospects-offer2"). In the end, managing contacts is much easier than creating duplicate contacts in multiple lists.

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Automation of payments via PayPal and Stripe


The goal of an online business is obviously to make money on the Internet. This is why it is essential to have a means of collecting payments online.

For this, SIO has integrated two payment processors: PayPal and Stripe. Thus, customers can choose the solution to purchase a service or a product. This type of form is available when creating a "payment page" in It is very easy to manage the payments received during a sale. Indeed, it is possible to send an invoice and reimburse a customer in a few clicks.

Hosting of files and online training

The online platform is mainly used to offer online training. Thus, it is possible to host video, audio or text training. No file hosting limits are set by SIO, which provides much more convenience in an all-in-one marketing solution.

It uses the Cloudfront online storage technique offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The files are therefore accessible quickly and securely. has the function of creating a private space for customers. Members can then log in with their email address and password to access purchased content.

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Creation of an affiliate program

systeme io affiliation


The growth of SIO in terms of users is largely due to their affiliate program. Indeed, it is possible to register for free to promote Aurélien Amacker's offers. The platform's affiliate program allows you to earn 40% commission excluding VAT for life.

You just have to copy an affiliate link for a cookie to assign the tags "affiliates" and "sponsors". In addition, a second level commission has just appeared in order to receive up to 5% of commissions on the sales of an affiliate. Also, it is possible to create your own affiliate program thanks to The amount of commissions is determined on a scale of 0 to 100% in the sales funnel. This makes it easy to create an army of affiliates ready to sell your products / services.

The relationship is win-win. To find these users, SIO has set up a marketplace to add a description of the offers. With the affiliation, you will know how to earn money easily and supplement the end of the month.

Creation of online conferences / webinars


The big online marketers know it: the webinar is a great strategy to build trust with your audience, to sell more easily. With, it is possible to automate the broadcasting of an online conference.

This solution is also to be preferred if you sell services or expensive products (> 200 euros). The conversion rate is much higher (around 30%) than through email marketing (2-5%). The technical aspect is to create a Canva or Powerpoint presentation and then add your voice to make a video that you will add in SIO.

With this function, the platform makes it possible to capture information from registrants and broadcast the conference automatically at a time chosen by the prospect. However, the use of webinars is restricted to Webinar or Enterprise customers (see below).

Creation of a website with the new CMS


We know that WordPress dominates the creation of websites. However, recently, has just integrated the possibility of creating a site or creating a blog. All you have to do is reserve a domain name with a quality host: OVH, Ionos, etc… then connect it to the platform.

SIO has become a full-fledged CMS and this is the one I use. Its great advantage is the ease of creating pages using the "drag and drop" technique. You can create sections, rows, and add elements like text, images, videos, countdown, etc.

Natural referencing level, the platform has made efforts by integrating a title tagging system. It is now possible to classify content with H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 tags. An excellent point for SEO (search engine optimizations).

How does the tool work?

teach online is overall a very easy to use tool. Indeed, like its French-speaking (LearnyBox….) And English-speaking (ClickFunnels, Podia, LeadFox…) competitors, it is not a complicated gas plant. SIO stands out for its low price, its advanced functions such as the workflow editor and its speed of creation.

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Free online training to learn how to use

Here is a complete training by the founder of the platform, to find out how this multifunctional marketing tool works .

Systeme io Tariff/Price - What are the subscription prices?

io system tariff

We were just talking about prices previously. The platform offers a free trial for 14 days (no credit card required) to test all of its features. To continue, a monthly / annual subscription is required. There are three, here they are… in the meantime you can benefit from a free 14 day trial by clicking on the button below:

New: the Free plan at 0 € per month

Recently, Systeme io has integrated a freemium version into its paid offers. The goal is to offer access to the software to the wider world. Thus, it is possible to test the tool for free and keep it free of charge.

The tool is of course limited to:

  • 1000 contacts.
  • Sending unlimited emails.
  • 3 sales funnels.
  • 10 stages of sales funnels.
  • 1 blog.
  • 1 member area.
  • Unlimited file storage.
  • Unlimited number of members.
  • 1 automation rule.
  • 1 workflow.
  • 1 tag.
  • 1 email campaign.
  • 1 one-click upsell.
  • 1 order-bump.
  • 1 A / B test.
  • 1 discount voucher.
  • Stripe integration.
  • PayPal integration.
  • Creation of affiliate programs.
  • Support response within 24 hours.
NEW : New Free version of for life 

The Startup plan at € 27 per month

The first subscription is the most basic. It provides access to the following functions:

  • 5000 contacts maximum.
  • Unlimited e-mailing.
  • Unlimited sales funnels.
  • Unlimited number of blogs.
  • 3 secure customer areas.
  • Unlimited number of members.
  • Unlimited file storage.
  • Behavioral automation.
  • One-click upsells.
  • One-click secondary sales (downsells).
  • Add to cart with one click (order bumps).
  • Stripe integration Paypal integration.
  • Creation of an affiliate program.
  • Affiliation.
  • Support response in less than 24 hours.
GET STARTED WITH THE STARTUP PLAN at -30% (19 € / month)

The Webinar plan at € 47 per month

The same features as the Startup plan with a few other additional features:

  • 10,000 contacts maximum.
  • 5 secure member sites.
  • 2 custom domains.
  • Maximum 3 webinars.
  • Coupons by code.
  • A / B test.
GET STARTED WITH THE WEBINAR PLAN at -30% (33 € / month)

The Enterprise plan at € 97 per month

Finally, the most expensive subscription is the one that offers the most options plus:

  • 15,000 contacts maximum.
  • 5 custom domains.
  • Unlimited webinars.
  • 1 hour of coaching with the team.
GET STARTED WITH THE COMPANY PLAN at -30% (69 € / month)

Annual offers to save up to 30% on your subscription

The rates are applied all year round. However, it is possible to benefit from a reduction on your subscription by taking the annual version.

Systeme io Avis - My personal opinion on the tool


This is the tool I use to manage and automate my online marketing. I have several businesses that allow me to generate money continuously. Moreover, this site is made with SIO. Here is what I think of this platform with its strengths and weaknesses ...

The strengths of the platform

  • Very cheap price compared to the competition (10 times cheaper on average).
  • Overall very complete and advanced functionalities.
  • Behavioral automations with the workflow editor.
  • Clever use of tags.
  • The integration of their own CMS.
  • Ease of creating pages.
  • Clean and fast interface.

The weak points of the platform

  • Graphics of certain elements such as fonts and buttons.
  • Statistical data with unreliable conversion rates.
  • New payment integrations like Apple Pay and Google Pay are missing.
  • Mobile responsive function that can be improved according to the types of smartphones.

Start free with Systeme io on clicking here .

Systeme io vs ClickFunnels review: which one to choose?

I have been fortunate enough to have tested both tools, and I can tell you that each has pros and cons.

Firstly for ClickFunnels, I found the software quite complex to use. Not that it is in English, but that the user experience was heavy in navigation: it is slower and there are too many features that we get lost. It is also much more expensive with a starting price of 97 € / month. However, I found the tool to perform very well for the UI side, i.e. for graphic design.

Second, I find that Systeme io, thanks to its unbeatable price and multiple features, is the best value for money. UX is much more sophisticated, everything is much faster and clearer and it is in French. Nevertheless, I find the graphics performance lower than on ClickFunnels, but it is quite possible to make very beautiful pages on SIO.

The concluding and review on Systeme io - Should you choose it to launch and develop your online business?

Overall Systeme io is a very good tool. Being freelance, I use it as a CMS and I recommend it to all my clients to boost their business.

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