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Systeme.io Review : Business & affiliation (Complete presentation)

In this article I will introduce you to the System.io online software. If you are here, then you have heard of this tool before. Perhaps it was the low price that caught your eye or its "all-in-one" features?

systeme io review

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Either way, in this article you will be guided in the discovery of the software, through its strengths and weaknesses. In order to have a clear idea of ​​the Systeme.io and to be sure of your choice!

Systeme.io is a SAAS software whose mission is to gather basic tools for creating and manage online business. And that, It's very (very) enjoyable when you're just starting out or aren't a big fan of the technical side of online business.


 Systeme.io Review and Tutorial - The All In One Blogger Solution

NEW : New Free version of  Systeme.io for life 

As a web entrepreneur?

You know how important the tools we work with are.

You need to focus on good marketing and creating an effective system that gives your brand a good image.

So, the thing that will please you is your reading and thinking about this tool.


  • What is System.io (its history, its beginnings ...) ? and why it was created ?
  •  The history of system.io        
  •  The beginnings of System.io
  •         The dashboard
  •         The autoresponder
  •         Sales tunnels
  •         Templates
  •         The page editor
  •         Integrations
  •         Online training
  •         Dropshipping, E-commerce
  • What is System io's built-in autoresponder worth?
  • Does the system.io autoresponder have a good deliverability rate?
  • Create your first sales funnel
  • Create and sell a physical product
  • Sell ​​your product with System.io
  • Create a blog with system.io
  • The System.io marketplace
  • Affiliation with System.io
  • The opinion of the Web & Ref team on System.io
  •              Cons of System io
  •              The advantages of System io
  •              Aubin's review of System.io
  •              Cons of System io
  •              The advantages of System io
  •              Conclusion

 Why we built Systeme.io  ?

 courses online 

What is System.io (its history, its beginnings ...) and why it was created ?

Before talking about System.io, I will introduce you to its founder, which is none other than Aurelian Amacker.

For those who don't know him, Aurelian Amacker is a French web marketer.He is famous in particular for his book “I earn my living with a blog” in which he recounts his entire journey. His book was the number one seller on Amazon for a while (you can download it for free here).

He is also known for his blogging win training in which he explains how to start a blog and make a living from it. This training has enabled many of the people who have followed it to create successful blogs on the web.

You can find him in particular on Youtube and Instagram and to find out more about him, ecommend his book! It is very rich in lessons and can be read quickly.




The history of systeme.io

At its beginnings, Aurelian Amacker used tools like Optimize press, Aweber or Wishlist member.

He quickly realized that these solutions didn’t meet all of his needs to develop his online business. So, he started to develop small things here and there at first, to compensate for the short comings of this software.

The idea of ​​creating your own French software began to mature, until the day he made the decision to take the plunge and develop his software. The goal of system.io was to meet its needs but also those of all French-speaking web marketers, because he knew very well that his colleagues encountered the same problems as him.

 Aurelian Amacker has started to recruit a team of developers based in Morocco.

It was a total failure with this team for various reasons. And this mishap delayed his project for a year.

Then, Aurelian Amacker set out to recruit his ideal and above all competent team. He finally found competent and responsive developers of Russian nationality to carry out his project.

The Russian developers started from scratch because what had been done before by the previous team turned out to be unusable. So, they started off with a blank sheet of paper.

The design of Systemeio?

Aurélien Amacker wanted a reference in this area!

Thanks to his determination, he succeeds in obtaining the privilege of working with Jason Cohen (a designer recognized in the world of start-ups).

Obviously, Jason Cohen's remuneration is linked to his reputation and professionalism. For the record,Aurelian Amacker wrote him a big check for 20,000 dollars!

Did he regret this substantial investment?

The answer is no in view of the work done on the design level!

Judge by yourself :

 systeme io interface


NEW : New Free version of  Systeme.io for life 


The beginnings of Systeme.io

The webmarketing software started by releasing a first version in the summer of 2017 with also a freemium plan in addition to the subscription plans.

The freemium plan was inspired by Mailchimp by offering a free plan. This business model was quickly abandoned by Aurélien Amacker's team in favor of current subscription formulas.

The commercial launch of System.io by Aurélien Amacker took place at the end of 2017, start of 2018. 


The main functionalities of Systeme.io

System.io allows you to:

  • Create and grow your email list: Moreover with Systeme.io, there is no list because the contacts are managed by tags.
  • Create capture pages, pop-ups and forms that can be integrated on its website to collect emails.
  • Create sales funnels very easily: You can easily modify the sales funnel by moving the tunnel pages.
  • Create and host digital training: Online courses in video, ebooks… You can host your free or paid training on your account.
  • There are many E-learning, proofreading online platforms, however Grammarly wins against most of them.        
  • Sell ​​physical products: Everything interconnects to automatically send your product to the customer.

You can also create your own affiliate program on your various products and services if you wish to summarize?

System.io integrates an autoresponder, a sales funnel creator, a training host and membership management. It’s a real all-in-one tool!

Let's see the software in more detail….

A question that often comes up is whether we can use another autoresponder than the one offered by System.io?

The answer is no.

Because integrating an external autoresponder takes a lot of work, according to the tool team.

And suddenly: what to think of deliverability?

Will your emails be received by your subscribers?

A lot of work on this point has been done in order to deliver a quality service for this strategic part of any internet business.

"Be reassured about the performance of the software's autoresponder, and don't be afraid to give up your current autoresponder for this one." says the System.io team.

Let's take a tour of the owner …


The dashboard of Systeme io

When you log into System.io, you arrive on a dashboard which gives you a global overview of your business.

You have three blocks in the home dashboard:

In the first block, you have an overview of the number of new contacts over the last 31 days (default filter).

In the second block, you have the number of payments received during the last 31 days (default filter).

In the third block, you find the activity of your business (new contacts, payments).

So, you have at a glance, all the news and the 2 important metrics to follow for your business: the number of new prospects, and the number of sales.

Autoresponder of systeme.io

You have the option of importing your contacts from your old autoresponder.

(Remember to export your contacts in an excel file in csv format)

To import them, you must go to the "contacts" tab then click on "import".

Then just follow the instructions to import your contacts on System.io.

To know: contacts are managed by tags. If you have multiple lists, you must assign the corresponding tag to your list and repeat this operation as many times as necessary.

Sales tunnels

If you are a ClickFunnels user, you will not be disoriented with System. io to create your sales funnels.

This is the same creation procedure. You will be able to create your sales funnel based on four types of tunnels.

The first “Build your audience”, allows you to create a capture page and a thank you page.

The second “Sell your products», allows you to create an order form and a payment page.

The third “Custom tunnel”, allows you to create your own personalized tunnel from scratch. And give free rein to your desires.

The fourth “Webinar” allows you to create an automatic webinar. That is, it will already be pre-recorded.

And to tie up your sales funnel strategy, with Systeme.io, you can easily create newsletters and email campaigns that will be linked to your tunnels thanks to the workflow editor.


Sales funnels of Systeme.io

See How to create a sales funnel ?

If you are a ClickFunnels user you will not be disoriented with Systeme.io to create your sales funnels.

This is the same creation procedure. You will be able to create your sales funnel based on four types of tunnels .

The first “ Build your audience ” allows you to create a capture page and a thank you page. 

The second “ Sell ​​your products ”, allows you to create an order form and a payment page.

The third “ Custom Tunnel ” allows you to create your own custom tunnel from scratch. And give free rein to your desires.

The fourth “ Webinar ” allows you to create an automatic webinar. That is, it will already be pre-recorded.

And to tie up your sales funnel strategy, with Systeme.io, you can easily create newsletters and email campaigns that will be linked to your tunnels thanks to the workflow editor.


Templates of Systeme io

There are templates to go faster.

You have templates to create:

  • Your forms to integrate on your website
  • Your pop-up forms
  • Your capture pages
  • You thank you pages
  • Your payment pages
  • Your thank you pages
  • Your upsells and downsells

Here are, for example, templates for the capture page:

Templates are a very good thing because they allow you to benefit from a proven frame in terms of conversion. It also saves a lot of time.

Of course, if the proposed templates do not suit you, you can start from 0 to create your own templates.

The page editor of Systeme io

The developers took inspiration from Thrive Architect.

It's an easy-to-learn WordPress page builder, no matter its level and allowing to create professional quality pages.

The System.io page editor is therefore easy to use with drag and drop. You can add all types of elements, images, videos, texts, etc. to your pages.

NEW : New Free version of  Systeme.io for life 

Integrations with Systeme io

With System io, you can integrate a multitude of tools. You can sell your books with system.io, trigger printing and send the book to the customer with Fantastic book.

You can also add a social proof badge with Proof.

You can integrate any tool as long as an html script is available. Here are some marketing tools to integrate, which you will find on the web:

  • A chatbot with Manychat
  • The Facebook pixel
  • Google analytics
  • An appointment calendar like you can book me or Calendly
  • etc …

Zapier can also be used to interconnect System.io and other software. The possibilities are therefore numerous and manifold.

Online training with systeme.io

You can create, host and sell your trainings with systeme.io

With the webinar or company formula, it is possible to activate student connection logs. If you are a certified trainer (and therefore you need to justify that the students are following the training), this is an interesting feature. You will be able to export the time spent on each module by the students of the training.

If you sell digital products (online video courses, podcast, eBook, etc.), you can use systeme.io to host your trainings.

To create a training course, go to the Sales tab then my training courses. You are entitled to a number of trainings according to the subscription plan you have.

  • Startup Formula = 3 courses
  • Webinar package = 5 courses
  • Enterprise Formula = unlimited training

Then you click on the Create button. And you just have to fill in the different fields.

 The training is broken down into modules and then into chapters.

 You have the choice between two types of access to training:

 Full access: the training will be accessible in its entirety.

Distilled access: the training will be delivered gradually according to the schedule you have defined.

 You can put all types of documents and content in your training.


  • texts
  • pdf
  • audio
  • presentation
  • etc …

Dropshipping, E-commerce

You can sell physical products with systeme.io For that, Systeme io has the following features:

  • Creation of physical products (variants, quantities)
  • Definition of the VAT rate by product
  • Selection of options and quantity on the sales page and automatic update of the order form (like on Shopify - which is impossible to do with Clickfunnels)
  • Order management in the dashboard (possibility to mark them as processed and export them by date and by product to send them to the supplier)

The process of selling physical products is done through sales funnels. You can't create a store like with Shopify.

What is Systemeio's integrated autoresponder worth?

Systeme.io's autoresponder allows you to create and distribute email campaigns, newsletters and automatic emails following a purchase or registration on a capture page.

You can create automation rules to define simple but effective actions. If you need to build a more complex system, the workflow editor is there to meet your expectations.

 Systeme.io has a workflow editor like that of the Active campaign autoresponder for example.

With this tool, the automation sequences can be reproduced almost identically in systeme io. Only a few small nuances remain, but it's really minimal.

Does the systemeio autoresponder have a good deliverability rate?

A lot of work has been done to help maintain and improve the deliverability rate across several axes. System io uses the Sendgrid platform to deliver emails. Aurélien Amacker works closely with the Sendgrid team in order to guarantee the quality of service and to improve it.

Systeme io went from 0 to 1,500 customers in a matter of months and that's when deliverability issues started to appear. Aurélien amacker therefore invested $ 15,000 in a support program with Sendgrid.

In recent months System io has added a lot of features to improve deliverability:

  • Better tracking of user activity.
  • Tools to automatically detect and disable spammers.
  • Different groups of IP addresses for customers, transactional emails, and free users.

Openness rates have doubled as a result of these actions.

Systeme.io checks email addresses such as gmail.com, hotmail.fr, yahoo.fr, hotmail.com, orange.fr, wanadoo.fr, yahoo.com.

When someone subscribes to your list with an address on one of the above domains, System io verifies that the address exists before adding it to your contacts. This process is done by initiating a connection to their mail servers and closing it before sending an email. This allows you to have better quality contacts and better deliverability for sending your emails.


Users in the trial period cannot include external links in emails to limit spam. This is the only restriction during the trial period. Aside from this point, the platform is fully functional.

NEW : New Free version of  Systeme.io for life 


Create your first sales funnel with systeme io

There are three choices of sales funnels.

1- Build your audience:

This will automatically create a capture page for you with a thank you page.To create your capture page, you can choose from 10 templates or start from scratch.

And for the thank you page, you will have the choice between two templates.

2- Sell your products:

This will automatically create a payment page for you with a thank you page. You will have the choice between five templates for the payment page.

And three templates for the thank you page.

3- Custom funnel:

This will create a blank tunnel for you and you will be able to customize your sales funnel.

When your tunnel is created, you can easily customize it. You will be able:

  • Add a page (landing page, capture, sale, information, etc ...)
  • Delete a page
  • Drag and drop a page

You have to customize the different pages of your future sales funnel. You will create and configure the automation rules directly from the funnel in the "Automation rules" tab.

You can also define a more complex process using the workflow editor. To first send the email following the purchase of your offer.

You must also select a tag to add to all the contacts who will take action in your sales funnel.

These are the main actions for configuring your sales funnel.

You have the choice between 3 types of payment:

  • Unique
  • Several times
  • By subscription

You can add a trial period to your offer. The customer will be debited after the trial period has elapsed.

We cannot choose the payment date. For example we cannot choose that customers will be withdrawn every 5th of the month. It will depend on the date of the first payment.

You can define the frequency of payments in the case of an offer in payment in several installments or by subscription.

Create and sell a physical product

To create and sell a physical product, you must go to the “sales” tab then click on “products”.

You will then have to enter the title of your product, the percentage of VAT if your business is subject to VAT and… your product is created!

You can now add variations such as product color or size or volume, weight or whatever you want ...

Now that your variant is created, you need to create options. By creating options you give your client the choice to take such and such a color, such or such size and so on. You can change your variations and options.

Save the changes and your product is ready to be offered for sale.

Sell ​​your product with Systeme.io

To create and sell a physical product, you must go to the "sales" tab and then click on "products".

You will then have to enter the title of your product, the percentage of VAT if your business is subject to VAT and… your product is created!

You can now add variations such as product color or size or volume, weight or whatever you want ...

Now that your variant is created, you must create options. By creating options, you give your client the choice to take a particular color, this or that size and so on. You can change your variations and options.

Save the changes and your product is ready to be offered for sale.

Sell ​​your product with Systeme.io

You can very easily sell your products on systeme.io. For this you need to create a funnel and a payment page. Once your tunnel and page are created, in your payment page, all you must do is choose the options related to physical products.

order form to sell its products with the tool created by aurelien amacker

Create a blog with systemeio

This feature is currently in beta, but it will soon be possible to create a blog with system io.

Of course, this will not replace a site created under wordpress with all the customization possibilities that the platform enjoys. However, the systemeio blog tool will have the essential functions of a blog at first and then evolve over time.

For people who are resistant to the technique and do not want to waste time tweaking wordpress, the systemeio blog tool will be the ideal solution. We can also share the blog template as for a funnel.

The Systemeio marketplace

It is possible to add its offers in the integrated marketplace of systemeio. You can also share templates. It is the ideal tool to find affiliates to promote your offers and therefore increase your sales!

Important: in order to be able to access and publish on the marketplace, it is mandatory to have a Systemeio paid account.

Affiliation with Systeme.io

System io integrates affiliation management for your offers and services. You define the amount of the commission and the payment period in the Settings section of the payment page of the funnel.

You can give a second level of commissions in your affiliate program. Your affiliates will not only receive commissions on the sales of their referrals, but also commissions on the sales of the godchildren of their godchildren.

There is also a second level to the affiliate program with System.io and you get 5% on the sales of the referrals of your referrals.

System.io has an affiliate program with 40% commission on subscriptions for affiliates. There are regular promotional offers on Systeme.io and Aurelian Amacker's training courses that allow you to generate additional affiliate commissions ...

Reviews (opinion) on Systeme.io



Cons of Systemeio

⛔ Integration of an external auto-responder

One of the negative points of this software is that you cannot integrate your own auto-responder. If you're new to it, you can get started with the included one. If you already have your auto-responder, you will need to import your contacts and get used to this new auto-responder. 


⛔ The ergonomics of the software

Systeme.io has many tools necessary for web entrepreneurs, however the ergonomics of online software is not easy at first. It takes a little time to adapt. Systeme.io is being improved and this point will be improved over time.

⛔ All in one

For an advanced entrepreneur, we recommend dedicated tools that will go further in each of the functionalities. Here all in one is really interesting for an entrepreneur who starts from 0, at Web & Ref, we prefer to have several tools which specifically manage a skill.

The advantages of Systemeio

✅ The quality / price ratio

Aurélien Amacker clearly stands out for the quality / price ratio of this marketing tool that will delight more than a web entrepreneur! Its competitors (Clickfunnels and Learnybox among others) had better watch out. The fact that the auto-responder is included in it is a more budget level. 

As a reminder, 3 formulas exist:

  • NEW : New Free version of  Systeme.io for life 
  • Startup at 27 € / month: Take advantage of the software features with 5,000 contacts and 3 member sites.

  • Webinar at 47 € / month : Here we increase capacities with 10,000 contacts, 5 member sites, 3 webinars and 2 personalized domains.

  • Entreprise at 97 € / month : We go here to 15,000 contacts, unlimited member sites and webinars and 5 personalized domains. 

You can try and choose the formula that will suit your needs here.

✅ Continuous improvements

Systeme.io is recent software that is benefiting from continuous improvements. Aurélien Amacker and his team make it a point of honor to take into account each user opinion and feedback. And to remain one of the best tools on its market.

This is a point that is essential for us in the choice of a tool.

Review on Systeme.io

Cons of Systemeio

⛔ Webinars

Another missing point, there is no live webinar function with Systemeio. These are only evergreen webinars (they are already recorded and simulate a live).

The evergreen webinars are available from the Webinars package. It is necessary to pair systemeio with webinar software such as WebinarJam, Demio or Gotowebinar.


⛔ The newsletter

There are no templates for the newsletters. Newsletters are basic but effective. It is possible to add images however the operation is not simplified because it is necessary to go through an image host.

It is not possible to choose the exact day for sending campaign emails. However, you can choose the time limit for sending campaign emails.


⛔ Online course progression

There is no learner progression system in the trainings. That is to say that we cannot see the progress in training. This is not a must have feature, but we hope this feature will arrive as it is a little extra for e-course customers.

To conclude, these are the main points where Systemeio still needs to evolve. Some points for improvement are already planned among the aforementioned points. The philosophy of Systemeio today, is not to be a platform to do everything but to be efficient with a quality / price ratio unmatched on the market.

The advantages of Systemeio

✅ An all-in-one tool

Beyond its very competitive price, we have access to all the tools essential to webentrepreneurs:

  • Complete sales tunnels
  • Capture page and pop-up
  • Autoresponder
  • Member area
  • Training host
  • Marketing tools: webinars, affiliation, A / B test, promotional codes, order bump, upsell.

For me, systeme.io is easy to use, to learn and adapts whether you are a beginner or experienced. Aurélien Amacker is the first user of Systemeio for his business.


✅The Facebook group

There is an official Systemeio Facebook group in which you can find a large community of entrepreneurs of all levels. If you need advice or advice this is the place to be to help. 

The group is very active with over 4,500 members, so if you have a question, don't hesitate to ask about the group.


✅The support

Support can only be reached by messaging. Support opening hours are 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, 7 days a week. Aurélien Amacker's team responds quickly to unblock issues that may hinder your web business.

Before contacting support, it is important to consult the Systemeio help pages. You can also search the Facebook group, most of the common questions have already been asked. 


courses online

Systeme.io is the N ° 1 internet platform on the French market with more than 5000 customers, and very good reviews. It allows you to create and manage a business on the internet.

The software is suitable for a large number of activities (entrepreneur, coach, e-learning, service provision, e-commerce, etc.) as we have seen throughout this article.

Systemeio continues to evolve by improving existing functions and adding new ones. Which is a really good thing compared to some of the competition.

Now the only way to know if it suits you is to test the platform for free for 30 days ! Test it, and let us know in the comments what you think.


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